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Baked Tomatoes from the Garden

I sure hope your garden is as bountiful as mine has been.  If so, you will understand why I have so many tomato and zucchini recipes that I make for my family.  This recipe makes a great side dish or vegetarian main dish.  The wonderful flavor of sun ripened tomatoes comes through and can’t be […]

Butternut Squash Gratin–a Lovely Vegetarian Lunch or Dinner

The holiday season is just starting up and I’m already so overwhelmed with sweets!  I just don’t want to always do sweet stuff.  I decided to tell you about this wonderful recipe that I made recently. A friend was coming over so I asked her to come and have lunch with me.  She is vegetarian […]

Spicy and Gluten-free Potato and Vegetable Cutlets

This recipe is a remake of an Indian main dish that we used to enjoy a lot.  Recently, I ran across the old recipe and decided to remake it gluten-free for us to enjoy again.  It went perfectly, and the kids really enjoyed this dinner.  Even though I made it a bit spicy–it was a […]