Our Recipes

Imposible Taco Pie–Delicious for Dinner

I make this very easy taco pie often for my family because they really, really like the taste.  It is easy to make and I can even do all the preparation and baking in the cooler summer mornings and just heat it for dinner if it gets too hot to cook.  This week we are […]

Cheesy Masa Pancakes with Pico de Gallo–A Lovely Mexican Appetizer

We had these recently at a local Mexican restaurant and they were delightful!  So I went home and looked up the recipe.  Meade it gluten-free because it was so easy and now I have a new favorite for family or for entertaining.  Making the Pico de Gallo was easy.  It is such that you can […]

Flour Tortillas for Cinco de Mayo

OK, so almost everyone I know who is Celiac or living gluten-free knows that corn tacos, corn chips, salsa and guacamole are all gluten-free.  So we aren’t exactly doing without Mexican meals.  But did you ever notice that all you really wanted was a flour tortilla? Well I have a recipe for an easy to […]