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Savory Italian Popovers for Dinner!

It is a brisk day and I just decided to make homemade minestrone soup for dinner.  That will warm up everyone and they can eat as they get home from various activities.  This plan takes the pressure off me because it’s warming and filling.  Now what can I bake to go along with the soup? […]

Focaccia Bread–Gluten-Free

Focaccia is an Italian flatbread, much like pizza, but the herbs are incorporated into the dough, and you can add any toppings you wish.  Usually cheese is one of the  or toppings.  I find focaccia to be a great addition to a lighter meal–say a luncheon salad or soup.  The focaccia takes the place of […]

Spicy and Gluten-free Potato and Vegetable Cutlets

This recipe is a remake of an Indian main dish that we used to enjoy a lot.  Recently, I ran across the old recipe and decided to remake it gluten-free for us to enjoy again.  It went perfectly, and the kids really enjoyed this dinner.  Even though I made it a bit spicy–it was a […]

Homemade Pasta for Dinner Tonight!

There are some fundamental things you miss when you can’t have them–bread, rolls, chocolate and pasta!  I’m not sure why chocolate is in there but it is true so it stays.  Stores offer a lot of alternative gluten-free pastas out there, but you have to try so many to get one you like!  This recipe […]