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Breadcrumb Cookies with Peanut Butter Buttercream made into Whoopie Pies

Ok, this recipe is just plain fun!  You may know that I freeze my gluten-free breads if they aren’t eaten in a day or so.  Then I can make breadcrumbs or panko with the breads for use in other gluten-free recipes.  I like variety and having the gluten-free breads or breadcrumbs available allows me to […]

Panko–Gluten-Free Japanese Breadcrumbs

I have a family favorite recipe the requires Panko for crispiness.  So, one day last week, I set out determined to learn how to make it.  To my surprise it is so easy, I’ll never be without it again!  And it uses my saved, frozen “extra” breads. If you have read any of my other […]

Breadcrumb Coating for Oven Baked Chicken

You know the brand I mean!  We used to use that store-bought coating, but its just not gluten-free.  And I miss the convenience.  This recipe can be made when you have too much gf bread on hand and freeze it until you are ready to make the chicken for dinner.  That is a new level of […]