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Blueberry Pancake Casserole for a Crowd

Do you have company coming for some of the holidays?  Breakfast for a crowd can be overwhelming sometimes, but this recipe is quick, easy, gluten-free and delicious.  And it feeds a crowd!  I was drawn to it because it uses ingredients I usually have on hand–anytime of the year.  We love blueberries and eat them […]

Fresh Blueberry Baking Mix Mug Cake

Sometimes you just need a dessert for on or two people.  And you might not want to heat up the kitchen too much. This recipe fills the bill in all theses areas. I’ve already shared with you that I love the fresh fruit of Summer.  I had those blueberries that I used for Wednesday’s post, […]

Fresh Blueberry Oat Bars

This is the recipe of the week!  Everything fell together for me to make this and I loved the results!  I was shopping and the store had 18 ounces of fresh blueberries at a great price.  Now, I eat blueberries like popcorn, just a few at at time, popped into my mouth.  Nothing is better […]