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Impossible Bacon Pie made with Baking Mix–Yum!

Bacon is used in all the British Isles for main dishes that are quick and tasty.  This recipe sure fills that bill, plus it is savory with only a handful of ingredients.  The British use various cheddar cheeses in this recipe, the Irish often use a Swiss-like cheese, called Gabriel, in savory pie recipes like […]

Pull-Apart Bacon Garlic Bubble Bread–a Must with a Pasta Dinner!

Ah, yes! Finding a good pasta (like Le Veneziane Pasta which Freedom Delivered is now offering) is a necessity of gluten-free living.  I’m so happy that we can provide this product for you and your family.  It tastes and behaves just like past should!  No second-best here!  You will be delighted with the results when you […]

More Savory Oats

Here is the second recipe for a savory side dish using oats as mentioned in yesterday’s blog.  These are quite interesting and tasty.  I have friends who say everything tastes better with bacon and, in this instance, they were right! Savory oatmeal with bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and chives hits several notes for a meal. […]