Guest Post–Charity Cake

A couple of weeks ago we received the following email:

“A little while ago I purchased your Groupon for a GF Baking Pack.  I had never used your GF product, but I had heard good things about them and decided to take a chance.  When the package came, I was very surprised by how much quantity is in each package (60 cookies is WAY more than you’d get from any mix bought at the grocery store).  I was impressed but didn’t bake anything right away.  I’ve been GF for six years now, and the excitement of a new GF product has somewhat worn off (they’re so often disappointing).

I’m a hobbyist cake decorator and belong to a local cake club.  A few weeks ago one of the other decorators contacted me asking if I could provide a GF cake for the charity Icing Smiles.  They provide fancy custom cakes for critically ill children, and needed a cake for a local 17-year-old boy in hospice.  Due to a scheduled trip, I was unable to decorate the cake, but I did offer to bake it and hand it off to someone else for decorating (and gave her a crash course in GF safety).

I’ve never been happy with the GF cake mixes I’ve used, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try the flour.
As a cake decorator I’m a little more critical of cake recipes than the average home baker.  I was very worried about height (standard cake rounds should be 2″ high, which I have so far never achieved with a GF cake), and the density (I’ve made a lot of GF cakes that could also be used as bricks).  I baked two 10-inch rounds, using high-quality Magic Line pans, parchment strips on the sides for extra height, parchment rounds on the bottom to prevent sticking, a baking core (an upturned flower nail), 325 degrees to minimize doming, and a full recipe in each pan.

These two cake rounds are easily the best GF cakes I’ve ever baked.  They rose beautifully.  They exceeded the 2″ mark and I was able to use the sides of the pan to level them off into absolutely perfect rounds.  They had a lovely crumb and enough air pockets to avoid the dreaded brick texture.  They released well from the pans without cracking or crumbling and felt very stable.  I was SO IMPRESSED.  I would never have guessed they were GF.  With proper chilling, it might even be possible to carve these, which I’ve never thought any GF cake could do. They also tasted great, and I am not ashamed to say I devoured all the dome scraps!

I didn’t take any pictures of the naked rounds, but I have attached a picture of the final cake, decorated by Jessica Thompson of Tasty-Cakes in Denton, TX.   She was also very impressed with the rounds when I delivered them to her, and said they were not at all what she was expecting from a GF cake.

This will be my new go-to product for GF cakes.  Even though I’m GF myself, I haven’t done much in that market because I could never find recipes I was really happy with.  Because of your product, I feel like I have a new business opportunity, and we gave one terminally ill boy a happy birthday.”

Allison Martyn, Denton, TX

We are so happy to work with these two amazing women.  And very happy the our product, Baking Free™ Gluten-Free All Purpose Four worked so well for this project.