Baguettes and Bruschetta–with Le Veneziane GF Corn Pasta

I’m so excited about the four shapes of gluten-free corn pasta that Freedom Delivered is now offering!  Pasta was always our go to meal until we went gluten-free.  Now, to find Le Veneziane, a very satisfying brand of gluten-free pasta that everyone in my family can enjoy, is a real treat.  All those old family recipes for pasta dinners are coming out again.  They have spaghetti, penne, rigatoni and fettuccine–all imported from Italy and all gluten-free.

And nothing is better with a pasta dinner than gf baguettes.  My recipe, originally posted in June 2015, makes two loaves hearty enough for dinner or appetizers.  Here is the address to get the baguette recipe–  Remember to have the hot water in the oven, and spray the bread with more water as it bakes to get that lovely crisp crust on the outside.

Sometimes we have enough people at dinner to need both loaves, but sometimes I get to keep the second loaf for another meal.  That is when I get to serve bruschetta as an appetizer with the pasta dinner.  Here is the address for the bruschetta, also previously posted in the blog–

I sincerely hope you will try the pasta and these recipes.  Gluten-free meals are a snap with these in your pantry and oven.  Happy gluten-free living!